Child Development

Understanding development in children from birth to 19 years old

Age Range
Physical Development

Communication and Intellectual Development

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development

0-3 years
The first three years of physical development happen quite quickly, with development being fine tuned as they grow older.   Babies have little control over their bodies, movements being those needed to survive, for example, sucking and grasping.   During the first year they’ll gain more control of their bodies, being able to crawl or roll.   During the second year, their gross motor skills start to develop more, so they are able to start walking, dressing and feeding themselves.   In their third year, both fine and gross motor skills are fine tuned some more, being able to hold pencils and draw, turning pages in books.   Moving with greater confidence, and the want to explore bigger toys, like tricycles.
It is important to communicate with your baby straight away.   Although they lack understanding, they’ll enjoy hearing the voices, and listening to music and the like.   Children suffering from neglect will find communicating difficult as they get older.   By about 12 months old, babies will start using the odd word, although pronunciation will not be very clear.   As they grow, they’ll start stringing words together, and by the age of 2 will have a vocabulary of around 200 words.   Between the ages of 2 and 3 years, whilst mistakes will be made, for example “I doned it” their speech will continue to grow fairly rapidly.
Children start forming identities from a very young age, needing to form strong bonds with those they trust, parents, carers and older siblings.   The bonds will continue into nursery, being formed with their designated key workers.   They will want and need, to start being more independent.   Tantrums will often ensue out of frustration, from still needing help.
3-7 years
In these years, confidence is growing every day.   Coordination is...