Child Development

Assignment One
Collectively as a group we will view James within his socio/cultural family context understanding there are multiple problems and issues occurring in James life. For the purpose of this paper we will be focusing on two domains of his development which are social/emotional an physical development. From a theoretical perspective James social capital affects all areas of his development which also ‘incorporates emotional and cognitive skills.’ Gresham, Sugai & Horner. (2001). The development of these skills is vitally important as they are ‘thought to be the building blocks for further social adjustment’ throughout James life. Crick, Grotpeter & Bigbee. (2002).
Physical development
 The affects of malnutrition has been indicated ‘to pervade all domains of development, with severe outcomes in later years’. The psychological effects of malnutrition as Brozek (1990) states ‘diminished exploratory behaviour, fewer social interactions, plus greater apathy, negative effect, anxiousness and memory impairments’. Hoffnung et al. (2010)
The effect of his mother’s stress and the limited amount of time spent with James, can be clearly seen on his physical development and his behaviour. Theorist Bradley, (2002) explains ‘parenting practices such as reading to children, using complex language, responsiveness, and warmth in interactions are all associated with better developmental outcomes’ and none of these examples were occurring in James life.  As stated by Hoffnung et al (2010) ‘failure to thrive children and malnourished children both develop motor and cognitive skills more slowly than usual: experience higher rates of school failure and learning disabilities’ these children ‘are more likely to have parents who are enduring physical or emotional stress’.
James is experiencing low muscle tone as he is unable to sit upright unaided which is affecting the development of his gross motor skills. Therefore this impacts on James learning due to his lack of mobility...