Child Development Stages

CHILD AGE 0 – 12MONTHS        
  * Cry to communicate needs to others
  * Responds by smiling at early stage
  * Knows others only in relation to satisfying own needs for food, drink, sleep at early stage
  * Responds positively to others especially familiar people at +-9 months
  * Communicates by making noises and to own name
  * Begins to see self as separate to others
  * Will respond to simple instruction
  * Communicate using limited words  
  * Sleeps most of the time and grows , also tries to lift their head
  * Starts to move legs and movements start to get smoother
  * Establishes head control
  * May begin to crawl, stand and move whilst holding furniture
  * Needs opportunities for play and exercise including soft toys, board books, bricks and container activities
  * Begin to crawl, stand on both legs if holding onto something
  * Move around while holding
  * Holds objects placed into their hands
  * Between 0-3 months learn to roll from side onto back
  * From 8 months drops things deliberately and searches for hidden objects
  * Enjoys water play in bath
  * They get the concept of colour and voice recognition
  * Aware of the different smells
  * Stores and recalls information through images
  * Explore by putting objects in their mouth
  * Cries to show hunger and distress
  * Beginning to make recognisable sounds i.e. mama/dad
  * Understand 15-20 words
  * Can play games i.e. peek-a-boo
  * Uses gestures i.e. pointing to show what they want
  * During a child’s 1st year his/her communication skills develop so significantly that by the age of one year he’s already uttering his 1st word or something that closely resembles it.
  * Before the 1st year mark, much of the communication takes place in the form of gestures, facial expressions and movements.