Child Care Assignment 031

Assignment 031 Task B

The social and medical models of disability in terms of impact on practice
Autisic spectrum disorder also called (Autism) more reacently described as mindblindedness it is a neurological and delelopmental disorder that usally appears during the first 3 years of life. A child with autism appears to live in their own world, showing little interest in others and a lack of awareness.
Social model of disability recongnises that discrimnation againist disabled people is created by society not by disabled people’s impairments.
Medical model of disability, this treats the person as a sick patient and tends to focus on, How we can make a person more normal. A child or young person with autism needs a one to one so they know they have the full attention of the key-worker .In some cases the autistic child or young person will not speak and use different means of communication to get the attention they require to get the things they want. If the child or young person don’t get the attention they will throw tantrums make loud noises or throw itemts across the room.

Social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. Social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. The process of learning these skills is called socialization. A child or young person with autism this is so hard to do as they cannot hold a conversation or being around a lot of people can upset them, they will only have a few select friends who will know what they want. A child with with autism would be better off in a special needs school as they have teachers who are fully trained in these young people.In a main stream school the child could be picked on about their disability which will affect their conferdence and self-esteem and they would get into trouble as they would lash out, main stream school would not be suitable for them

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