Child and Young Persons Development

Describe the expected pattern of children and young people's development from birth to 19 years,

Physical development

The first physical development of newborn babys is around month 1 is to master lifting there head and shoulders and to turn there head. and will gain 2lb a month and will grow 0.5 cm to 1cm a month for the first 6 months
At 3months the baby should be rolling over from it's back to it's tummy. and will be gaining 1.5lb to 2lb a month
5 to 6 months
By 5 to 6 months a baby has hopefuly mastered sitting and playing with there hands to help develop there hand and arm muscles and can now hold objects, by 6 months a baby should be able to get on to all fours ready to learn to start crawling. again in this stage a baby will gain 1.5lb to 2lb a month and this rate will continue until 12 months of age
6 to 9 months
A baby by 9 months can now get from one place to another by crawl backwards or forwards or shuffling on there bottoms, and by this stage of development a baby will start to stand holding on to furniture and call pull themselfs up also rolls from it's tummy to it's back. by the age of 6 months to 9 months a baby should weigh between 18.5lbs and 20lbs
10 months to 12 months
Walking or cruising around furniture is expected around the child's first birthday and should be able to take a few steps on it's own, by 1 year the child should lose it's podgy appearance and become firmer and muscular. the height of a baby at 12 months is expected to be between 28 to 29 inches and the weight is between 20lbs and 22 lbs
12 months to 18 months
By the age of 18 months a child should be able to walk independently but they will still be unsteady on there feet, the child should have the skill to throw a ball. the height should be betwwen 30 to 31 inches and should weigh between 23lbs and 24.5 lbs
18 months to 24 months
At this stage a child should be able to walk more steadier and can maintain it's balance, the child...