Child Abuse

How could someone bring such a beautiful thing into this world and then do such terrible things to it? It has been heard too many times on our TVs, in our Newspapers, on the Radio.... The names of innocent children being beaten, critically injured and even killed through child abuse.
DELCELIA WITIKA- was two in 1991 when her mother and her boyfriend bashed, burned and hit her so hard her appendix burst, they went to jail for manslaughter, she died
CRAIG MANUKAU-his mother turned the radio up to block out the noise while his father kicked him to death in 1992, he was 11
VERONIKA TAKEREI MAHU-was 11 months in 1995 when a public health nurse reported she was worried about her safety, but they didn’t listen, before her father beat her to death.
TICHENA CROSLAND-was 3 when cyfs took her away from her mother, Moana Whakamarurangi, and her father David got custody in 1997, 3 months later she died from terrible head injuries and with a badly damaged vagina, her dad was jailed for her murder but acquitted of her rape...
HINE KARAITIANA-MATIAHA-two of her aunts were jailed for her manslaughter in 2000, she had brain swelling, bruising and lacerations to her genitals, she never had any love and died in her cot on her second birthday while her mum was out partying.
TAMATI POKAI-was 3 in 2003 when his foster father beat him to death because he bought a packet of jellybeans home from kindy.
TANGAROA MATIU-in 2005 he got thrown up against the wall, beaten, and made to eat dog poos from men he didn’t even know. They lived with his mother, she knew it happened, and did nothing to stop it, she got 18mths, Jeremy tawa got 2 years, Harley wharewera got 10, TANGAROA was dead at 2 years old.
CHRIS AND CRU KAHUI-no one will say who killed them in 2006, there father was acquitted of murder and there are no plans to charge anyone else over there bad head injuries and broken bones.
NOW I have a beautiful baby in my life, and I don’t let anyone even make her sad let alone touch...