1.1 Guidance for unit 8 guidance

Pg 105 onwards

Research the development milestones from birth - 19 years

For the following areas -



Social development

Interacting, talking, sharing, using manners, saying hello and goodbye, learning to take turns
Developing relationships and making friends with others, attachments with other adults, boyfriends/ girlfriends , emails, social media.


Gross motor skills - large movements - walking, jumping, skipping, hopping, climbing

Fine motor skills - threading, fastening coat, holding a pencil, scissors , tying shoe laces

Growth and puberty

Language - using the desired language spoken eg English - some children may have two or three languages

Babbling , gurgling, sounds, key words, small sentences, more complex sentences

Intellectual / cognitive - how you view the world and problem solving and logic - counting, colours, numbers , concepts - floating and sinking/ baking/ jigsaws


Language, body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, sign language , texting, social networking, emails, telephone, written communication.

Emotional - feelings of sad/ happy/ excited/ angry - children have got to learn to express their emotions and deal with these as a child reaches the ages of two they tend to have more tantrums as they can't tell you has they are feeling and a strong sense of mind!

Behavioural - learning to behave with others , share and learn that actions may hurt others - links closely to social and emotional

Look in your book - at front look at the chapters - "child and young person development "
You will find a large table which goes over many pages of development milestones from 0-19 years

Physical development

0-3 years

4-9 yrs

10-13 years

13-19 years

Communication and intellectual development Same as above ....

Social , emotional and...