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AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

Assessment book


    • This practice assessment is for familiarisation purposes only and must not be used in place of a ‘live’ assessment.
    • When you feel prepared to sit the live assessment please contact your Training Provider who can schedule a live assessment for you.

Practice assessment

This case study is in two parts.

You have 2 hours and 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes reading time) to complete the tasks and a high degree of accuracy is required.

You are required to download or open an Excel spreadsheet called Assessment data that contains data you require for this assessment.

You MUST save your work at regular intervals during this assessment to prevent you losing work.

All spreadsheets should be titled and contain a footer with your name, date and AAT membership number.

JA Muddlestone is a wholesaler of surplus stocks, which they resell to small traders, either via the sales team or over the internet on EBid.

You are employed as an accounts clerk in JA Muddlestone. The computer system has crashed and the back up will not load due to a technical problem.

The accountant has asked you to collate some figures into a spreadsheet to give an overview of the activity for the last year.

Over the past year the monthly results have been as follows:

Sales revenue
January £42,980
February £55,980
March £92,600
April £118,206
May £117,420
June £120,115

January £15,390
February £23,602
March £28,750
April £35,060
May £37,420
June £38,790

Cost of sales
January £14,620
February £17,940
March £21,405
April £29,800
May £30,650
June £34,020

Part 1

Task 1.1

Prepare a spreadsheet, showing all the figures displayed on page 2. Formulate cells for January to show gross profit and profit for the period then copy these formulas into the remaining cells. Gross profit is sales revenue less cost of sales, and profit for the period is gross...