Cherry Orchard

The cherry orchard
The cherry orchard was written by Cherkov. It is about a Russian clan during the pre revolution period in Russian. It is actually mainly about the Russian society during the time of changes, but was represented by the family who was the landowner. But what seems to be the most debatable topic of the play is the theme of itself. Cherkov said that the play is a comedy. To most people it does not seem that way. It looks more like a tragedy since the story is full of sadness. For instances, those sad memories the characters were not able to forget, such as the drowning of the son of Mrs. Ranevsky. To say the play is comedy, it is said that the play shows the stupidity of the characters. Mrs. Ranevsky did not want to change the orchard; instead, she waited for help from the far away aunt.
I think the play is both tragedy and yes, it is comedy. Mrs. Ranevsky seems to be the silliest character to me. She was having an affair with a guy in France since before the death of her husband. But what the guy did was just robbing her money. She still could not forget the guy even when she was back in Russia. It could be seen as the power of love. It showed how much she loved the guy, but at least she could be smart enough of what was going on. She was about to lose everything including her social status.   Despite that, when she was in Paris with Anya, she spent money like it will never run out. This really shows how stupid she was. It seems like she did not want to admit the situation. She was not able to do a thing because she was to stick with the orchard. The reasons for that were so unacceptable for a normal person. It could also be that the place reminds her of her dead son. It was the memory that she could not forget. However, doing nothing she won’t be able to step forward instead, she is going to lose everything. The way she act and how she sorted things out were silly that it makes the play comedy. But what was sad in the action is what she tried...