Cherokee Indians

Irish Americans
The identity and culture of a mixed

By Katie Blowers
November 11, 2012

Cherokee Indians are the group I personally have chosen to work on learning about.   I feel like this group has felt a lot of discrimination and personal hardships throughout their existence.   There are so many subjects you can touch on and they are involved in some way, shape, or form.   I will be picking several subjects and going into more detail on the ones that are most important, such as the Cherokee nation as a whole, the colonization of their land, and the fight to keep it.   I will also get into the struggles for them in society today.

My personal connection to this group is through my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather.   My Mom’s dad was half Cherokee Indian, and my Great Grandfather was also part Cherokee as well.   I feel like this connects me with them through a family level as well as on a interest level as well.   I was lucky enough to visit the city of Cherokee, North Carolina many years ago and see the difference of how they live now versus then as well.   This was a wonderful experience since I got to meet a real chief of one of their tribes.   I was able to sit and talk with him and learn about the people who make up my heritage.

This group in general has had so many hardships and so much discrimination through the years.   The first thing that comes to mind is