Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions Lab


In this chemical reactions lab we tested a variety of substances to see how they react with and what type of reactions they are. As we do each experiment we will record each one of our observations, write   out a chemical (only for chemical changes) and balance it. We will also observe what type of reaction it is (etc. synthesis, decomposition, single replacement…..). The point of this lab is to be able to understand what type of reactions are taking place, if they are physical or chemical changes and be able too write them out in a word equation.


See handout entitled “ Chemical Reactions Lab”.


See handout entitled “ Chemical Reactions Lab”.


See attached observations page

Laboratory Application Questions

1.In this lab you looked at some reactions that involved exposing the reactants to a flame. Were these reactions combustion reactions? Why or why not?

These were not combustion reactions because in combustion reactions the products produced are carbon dioxide and water but neither were produced and the experiments

2.Judging by the reaction of hydrochloric acid and magnesium ribbon, are acids limited to only acid/base neutralization reactions?

No they are not because the hydrochloric acid reacted with the magnesium ribbon and there weren’t any hydroxides.

3. How could you tell that the gas escaping from the test tube in the HCL and magnesium ribbon reaction was not just air?

I could tell because to put the burning splint into the test tube you would have to remove the bottom test tube first. So when I did, there wasn’t any popping sound till I put the flame well into the tube.

4. Why did the glowing wooden splint catch fire when placed of the test tube containing H2O2 and MnO2.

The reaction caused oxygen gas to be released so when then splint was In the tube it relit because it needs oxygen to survive.

5. Predict the products of the following...