1. Market Needs 1
2. The Market 1
  2.1. Market Demographics 2
  2.2. Market Trends 3
  2.3. Market Growth 4
  2.4. Macroenvironment 5

1. Market Needs

  Given that the main target market for¬†cracker products are children under the age of 12, their market needs are such that they desire to have a cracker prepared with real cheese. The cracker also needs to be crunchy in nature and have a cheddar taste. These aspects propel the market needs for crackers. In spite of this market need, recent trends in the environment have impacted the sales for the product, with the introduction and hype on low-carb crackers.

  However, the market need much sought after to satisfy remains children who have a specific liking to real cheese and cheddar-tasting crackers. The main focus to continue with the product's success thus remains to be to retain the original crackers as they are, but in addition, provide the added benefit of choice by adding new flavors to the Cheez offering. Other benefits provided to the consumers includes crackers that have reduced fat content as well as regulated calories' content so as to appeal to the widest variety of customers possible.

2. The Market

  The target market for crackers is primarily children and especially those under the age of 12 years. However, with time and changes in trends within the market place, the market for the product has also gone a step further to target customers who love crackers, but are health conscious about what they intake. This would easily purpose to serve even older consumers who may have an occasional liking for crackers but who are conscious about the ingredients contained.¬† Consumers are interested in wholesome products made with natural ingredients, many of which are allergen free or are healthy.

  These target markets have continually been selected due to the stiff competition within the market place. With competitors attempting to keep up the stakes with consumer trends and altering...

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