A Letter Writing Campaign
Axia College ~ Worksheet 9

Write a 300 to 400-word letter to a Congresswoman or Congressman about a Native American issue as if you were Native American. You may use the National Congress of American Indians website, The Indian Country Newspaper at and Racial and Ethnic Groups (class text) to help you with this checkpoint.

Be sure to include the following components:  
  * What tribe you belong to and where that tribe currently lives.
  * What is one Native American problem that you would like to see addressed? How does this issue affect Native Americans?
  * What would you like to see done to alleviate this problem?
  * What will be the outcome if your problem is addressed? What will be the outcome if it remains unaddressed?
  * Make sure that you include all parts of a formal letter (i.e., date, salutation, closing, printed name).

Do not answer these questions in a question/answer format (i.e., writing the answer under each question). Answer the questions in a paragraph format.

Name   | Joanna Jackson | Date | 6/18/10 |

Many issues existed between the Native Americans and the Government; however the lawsuit between five Native Americans against the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Department of the Treasury in 1996 struck my interest. This particular lawsuit has contracted more than half a million Native Americans and their heirs.
The reason for this lawsuit was to make the government be held responsible for the money held in trust for the Native Americans. Also, the purpose was to bring out a reform of the supposed trust system. The supporting facts for this case go far back into history. Supposedly, under the “General Allotment Act of 1887, tribal lands were divided into parcels of 80 to 168 acres of land”. Originally, many Native Americans became land owners and the non-used land was given back to...