Checkpoint Short Case Organization

Week 6 Checkpoint
XMGT 216

From: Date: October 7, 2011
Subject: The tainted water problem and my solution to resolve the dilemma

      This memo is to inform you that there was an incident in one of our bottling plants.   Unfortunately,   it has been reported that a disgruntled employee sabotaged the equipment in the plant by introducing a chemical into the system tainting the product that was recently launched by our marketing department.   According to our Quality Control manager, 120,000 bottles of spring water were contaminated by the foreign substance.   His report indicates the chemical that was introduced is in a minute amount posing no public health concern to any consumers.   However,   it is our responsibility to our customers to provide safe,   clean spring water and retain the company’s integrity.

      To our knowledge at this time,   none of the tainted water was shipped to any stores.   Our quality control department caught the problem before any of the water left the plant.   However,   it is our responsibility to alert our consumers of this incident.   We should explain to our consumers that we have found a problem within our equipment,   that we are taking the appropriate measures to fix the problem and that the company’s main concern is for the safety and health of the public.   The announcement to our consumers,   should also express that none of the tainted water has reached store shelves,   and we have taken action by sterilizing the equipment as well as proper disposal of   any contaminated bottles.

      Our company was hit hard financially during the recent union strike,   and unfortunately the costs to shut down the plant to re-sterilize equipment further compounds the financial hardships of our company during the strike.   The union needs to be informed of this incident explaining the added costs to union leaders.   We should also ask for a short-term re-negotiation of the agreement until costs and market shares can be recaptured for...