Checkpoint: Multiple Intelligences

July 22, 2010
CheckPoint: Multiple Intelligences

Out of the Multiple Intelligences I would fall into the Kinesthetic category.   The core elements of the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and capacity to handle objects skillfully and will learn easier and more effeciently using bodily movement; this could also be considered hands on training or one that learns with the ability of using your body while learning including sports, writing, on the job training, computer skills.
The first website that I thought fit me very well was from and explained the way that I learn to a tee.   This explains that one will use large hand gestures, likes to get their hands dirty, work with objects, and it goes on about other techniques that are commonly used.   It also goes into detail on different phrases that one will use.   At times the student will get frigety when sitting in class too long.
The second website that I encountered and fit me was from   They explained some other techniques that I also use on a daily basis at work.   One would be taking “field trips” to explain and show what is being discussed and grasp a visual setting.   I do this with costumers and co-workers come out instead of looking at blueprints.   When you see what is being explained on paper its easier to associate items together.
The third website that I encountered was from     This website explained me on a daily basis by saying “Kinesthetic learners typically learn best by doing”.   We like to be involved with sports and body movements like dancing.   It also explains that we like to use how-to-guides will installing projects and like certain kinds of books, action-adventure.   Since I don’t like to read this does not include me.