Checkpoint: Distance Learning Ii

1. CheckPoint: Distance Learning II
  * Recall a time when you gave constructive criticism to another student, a friend, or a family member. How would giving feedback to a classmate in a distance learning environment be different from giving face-to-face feedback?
  * Compare and contrast the processes in a 100- to 150-word response.
      * At this point I, have not really been in this class long enough to say too much regarding how interaction with other students over the DLE (Distance Learning Environment) is different than interaction with them face-to-face.   So far, I have not any interaction with the instructor or students.    
        * In a “traditional face-to-face” situation (i.e. In class) there is not much time for in class interaction between students in my experience.   I find that in the study hall areas is where fellow students and I can get together and collaborate on questions about homework or class projects.
        * In a DLE there is no real formal “in class” period, so that leaves things much more open to interaction with the other students.   However, not having the option to take someone to the side and quietly ask a question is a drawback to me because I am generally that guy that will not ask a question out in the open.   The chat room does not seem like an inviting place to me.    
  * Submit a second 100- to 150-word response, describing how the distance element of learning makes it easy or difficult to communicate, and why.
      * The distance element of learning