Cheating is when a person dishonestly tries to take advantage of system and fulfill their own needs while deceiving others in the process.I am a high school student here and I will present the most common form of cheating first-cheating in tests.
Often when I am taking exams I find guys taking out notes secretly and jotting down answers. Others find it easier to copy from a fellow student’s paper while he is not looking. Whatever the methods, cheating is a common disease in students.

Now let’s come to the most basic question: Why do students cheat? No prizes for guessing the answer to this: Yes, because some students just do not like to study. Either they are too lazy, or they are weak in the particular subject. Most of the students I found cheating in the exams are the ones who do not even care to open their books during classes. Another reason might be they could not make out time to study the particular subject the night before the test. In all the above cases the easiest way to keep your grades clean is to cheat. You do not have to work hard, you can have all the fun you wanted to have at the party the night before and yet you get the best grades in class. Easy and tempting, isn't it?

But just stop for a minute and think: does cheating really help you? I mean, yes, it does get you good grades, but after that? Do you really get to learn the subject? If you are required to answer the same things once again in different circumstances, do you think you could manage? Well, the answer is no. The reason is simple-you never learnt the thing in the first place. So even if cheating gets you good grades one time, it is not going to save you the next time. You might be happy that you fooled your teacher and got away with it, but here’s the bottom line: Through cheating it is only yourself that you deceive. Because tests are not just about the grades, they are about assessing how well you understand the subject. When you cheat you undermine the very reason of...