know of (insert name here ) to be an outstanding person of good moral
character . My experiences with this person span over ten (10 ) years ,
first as a neighbor and later as a fellow church member . Over that
period of time , I have seen (insert name here ) do so many wonderful
things for the community (insert name here ) has always come across as a very community oriented
and kindhearted individual . During his years at the Church community
outreach program , he has spent so much of his time with the local
orphans who are without a father figure in their lives . He also quickly
became one of the favorite counselors for the children because of his
ability to be able to relate ably to not only children but to adults as
well . A valued member of our church (insert name here ) has also shown
his excellent organizational skills in the numerous Church outreach
programs that he has initiative and personally led .
From a personal point of view , I must admit that (insert name here ) is a
very pleasant person to talk to and highly intelligent . He is very
knowledgeable about not only what is happening within the community but
other important matters as well and never fails to impart this knowledge
without making the other feel inferior . His ability to relate to people
from all walks of life and his very charitable nature make him a very
endearing person (Insert name here ) is a great person and would make an excellent doctor .
He is intellectually gifted and at the same time possesses the rare
quality of empathy and charity . Highly motivated and talented enough to
succeed at any task that is asked of him (insert name here ) is a very
unique individual and will be an asset to any organization that he
becomes a member of .