Character Changes During to Kill a Mocking Bird Book

To kill a Mocking Bird Essay

Why was Scout's change through the book stronger than Jem's? I believe that Scout's change was more dramatically, because of her inquisitive attitude. The changes I will discourse are maturity, courage and how scout learned to have a respect for Atticus.
    A way Scout changed was how she matured throughout the book. At the beginning Scout was disrespectful and took everything as joke. In addition, as she grew she came to accept people how they were, not as she would want them to be. Her growth is almost incredible as when she first tried to make out the character Boo, but when he showed kindness towards her, like when he putted a blanket around her on the night Miss Maudie's house gutted on fire, she came to feel respect for him. Afterwards, she learned to respect everybody and value everything she had. In this continuing paragraph, I’ll talk to you about how Scout showed courage.
  On the first day of school Scout acted like a leader for the whole class. She let Miss Caroline know of the situation of Walter Cunningham. Scout make looked much maturity for her age and this allowed her to act upon her courage, rather than overwhelming its existence. Walter was a shy guy, so Scout's courage spoke for Walter's silence and inefficiency to express his financial situation. Next, I’ll be mentioning about how Scout learned to have respect for Atticus.
    Scout valued Atticus a lot and looked up to him, so she took everything he said to her very seriously. Even though she sometimes fighted when learning the lessons her dad toughed to her, those were the words or things she applied to use on her daily basis. A lesson she learned, was “not to judge people until you; climb into the shoes and walk around a while."   She applies this lesson to her life with more than one person.
    In conclusion, the thing that I liked most of this book was how the various characters developed as human beings and the quantity of life lessons shown. I...