Chapter One on Student Information and Grading System

Chapter 1
The problem and its background
      Education is known to be the key to a good future in any country. With this though in hand, establishments, institutions, either public or private, were built all over the country to reach the need for quality education. One of these is the POST Elementary School.

      The POST Elementary School are using old based process where in the teachers submits the grades to the head teacher. The head teacher is the one who records the grades of the students in hand written procedure. The head teacher also compiles the records and submits the documents to the principal. As the student graduates from POST Elementary School, the school he entered requires him to get his Form-137.With the request given by his secondary school, he request for his Form-137.This request is given to the head teacher and guidance counselor. She then goes to a filing cabinet with piles of files to find the student’s Form-137 and give him the original copy, leaving no copies for POST Elementary School.

      The Student Information and Grading System of POST Elementary School provides opportunity for the teachers to store their students records and all the information in a transaction will be save through the data storage that can be viewed, edited, and updated anytime. It also allow teachers to have a hard copy of the Form-137.Along with the growing numbers of students to be taught is the growing number   of student related data to be added, updated and stored. The System focused on data storage of the school, adding and updating information and grades of students, and relieving the head teacher from the pain staking task of going through piles of files of students to find a single record.

Conceptual Framework

            Input                                       Process                                 Output
-Transcribed Student’s Information
-Student’s List

-Gather requirements
-Transcribe student’s...