Chapter 1, Fulfillemnt

Question 1:
1a) Explain the difference between effective leaders and effective managers. Can someone be effective at both managing and leading? Illustrate your answer with reference to:
i. Current thinking in leadership and management
ii. Leaders / managers you have experienced

1b) What are your own strengths and weaknesses as a manager and a leader and how do you balance the demands of both these roles? What impact do your own personal preferences have on your abilities as a manager and a leader?

How to solve this question??    
• Why would you answer this?
• What are you answering?
• How do you answer it?
• What have you answered?

Work out definitions:
1. What does effective mean?
2. What is a manager? What is a leader?
3. Difference between leader and manager?

Read theories:
- Which are there. Which are famous?
- Compare theories on managers and on leaders. Where are the differences and where are the comparisons?
- Could there be ‘overlap’?

Personal experience on managers and leaders:
- Managers: Henry, Rolf, Brian, Sander
- Leaders: eBuddy

Own strengths:
- Feedback training
- Compare with 1a.


- Not agreeing with CMI view on management. Too simplistic and narrow formulated.
- CMI view on Leadership: very HR centric. Creating the framework for people to work in is missing.


THEJOURNAL FOR QUALITY & PARTICIPATION Summer2006, James Kotterman page 13 - 17

Many leadership theorists have noted that there are nearly as many definitions for leadership as attempts to characterize it (Bass, 1990; Kotter, 1990, 1999; Terry, 1993; Zaleznik, 1998).

A review of leadership and management performance literature reveals a wide array of definitions, usages, and results. Although...