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RUNNING HEAD: Channel and Pricing Strategies

Channel and Pricing Strategies- TRANERGY
University of Phoenix
July 1st, 2010
Dr. Edward Wirth
Channel and Pricing Strategies: TRANERGY
      Toyota presents TRANERGY, electronic devices with green energy that not only benefit the individual consumer, but it also improves the trucking and freight business, and public transportation. Toyota’s transportable energy device unlocks the limits of electronically-powered equipment. Considering the market necessity and status for the product, the internal and external competition, and the unstoppable brilliance of this device, Toyota, first, offers this product in Japan, the domestic market. Toyota is planning to expand the market into a second vertical market niche, Germany. Germany has been one of the leaders in innovation. They have created the first jet engine, atomic bombs and the first aircraft that had a machine gun that shot through the propeller blades. This paper includes information about the sustainability of the German and Japanese markets. This paper also presents channel strategies for domestic and the international market, pricing strategies and environmental factors.
International Market: Justification
      Germany is known as the gateway to Europe. From Germany a person can travel by road to most of Europe by motor vehicle. Introducing the TRANENERGY in Germany will help the image in the country. The country’s older population has seen an increase driver’s license over the last ten years, with the younger population increasing even faster. The current trend in Germany, even their politics, has wanted to be the leader within the European community. Older people in Germany are more likely to have a license, to take more trips, and to do so more often as the driver of a car than older people just a decade ago; they are also less likely to use public transit. Even when the older population curtails their driving the younger generation will...