Changing Our Environment

Changing our environment
Who are the ones responsible for teaching teenagers what is healthy for us is it parents,teachers,the school? Sure.But we are the ones who can let the word out .Small’s argument about students should be require to learn how to cook   and be course   for school ,some of the reasons why I agrees with Small and I agree because teenagers can't always depend on their parents on cooking for us and also people don't care about how the food was produced,all they care if it tastes good we’ll eat it,therefore if parents can't take responsibility of their own children school should start ;having cooking course to have the skills when they are on their own.
Many parents assumed that teenagers not being mature of eating heathly food instead we rather eat what is called"junk food",Small's states,"we spend extra money eating out or having food delivered.."Although I should know better by now,I cannot help thinking that I rather eat food that takes one minute to order and get served right away then taking one hour or so to make a healthy food.Parents' don't have time to cook how are we suppose to learn how to cook.Weintraubs states,me to cook how are we suppose to learn how to cook.Weintraub's states,"it's not easy...when both parents are working or there is only one parent in home food is fast."Therefore it's understandable if this situation is happening to family,how does the teenager suppose to learn how to cook if they don't have role model so to be able to cook thier own healthy meal.
Americans today tend to believe that fast food tastes better and it's cheaper as well.In article of "It's portion Distortion that makes America fat", browelee states a mother "I always believed McDonald's food was healthy for my son Uh-huh and the tooth fairy really put that dollar under his pillow."(page 1).Brownlee's purpose was to make this sound ridiculous ;how can a parent even think that fast food is "good for you",its no doubt that fast food make your...