Changing Demographics

Changing Demographic
Angelia McCarty
HCS 490
August 1, 2011
Jennifer Johnson

Changing Demographic
The population in the Unites states is becoming older. The Baby Boomers are retiring or going to retire in the near future. This also changes the health care needs of this population. The older population will have an effect on the cost of health care. There will need to be more facilities that can care for their needs. Assisted living communities are becoming very popular because the maintenance and upkeep of their houses are provided by the organization leaving the elderly time to enjoy their lives without worry.
Assisted Living Communities
Generally assisted living provides the consumer with three meals a day served in a dining room for all the population. Laundry service and housekeeping are also provided for the residents. According to the eHow website, “Over 1 million Americans live in assisted living residences” (Moore, 2011, p. 1). Combined facilities offer independent living, assisted living, and nursing home options. These facilities offer services for the residents such as help with bathing, walking, and dressing. They also offer recreational activities and exercise programs for the residents. Community rooms offer companionship where the residents can play board games or watch movies together. This type of service helps with loneliness. Many older people become lonely when they are no longer able to take part in the social activities once enjoyed. Depression becomes common when loneliness is a factor. Many offer short-term assistance for those who have had surgery and need help with recovery. This type of facility is expensive and Medicare does not cover this type of care. Insurance companies offer long-term care that helps with the cost if the person has this insurance. Otherwise the families of the person usually help with expenses. These facilities are normally located near nursing homes so if the...