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Thomas Huser |
11/9/2010 |


The war of 1812 was an interesting and oddly fought war, which ended on very odd terms and odd beliefs. After the confusing finale of the war and the signing of the treaty of Ghent, which occurred on December 24, 1814 which means the war lasted two whole years. The actual war ended on the shoulders of a win in New Orleans, led by Andrew Jackson the American army prevailed.    
After James Madison listened to the motivated Henry Clay instead of taking the alternative, it was then a downhill battle for the next two years. The army was weak when it started and they started preparing after declaring the war. This war had many benefits and losses to it and to whether or not this was a necessary war would take a sufficient amount of calculating and research. So was the War of 1812 a necessary war?
In my own personal opinion the war should have never been fought for but possibly pre-resolved by a bargain or deal with the British. As a result of the war, the Americans never gained any territory but yet again none were made by either side neither Americans nor British. Many rules or laws were being violated that were set in previous treaties such as the treaty of amity and commerce between the United States and the French during the revolution. Knowing neither side gained little if any territory, the United States still lost out, for we didn’t achieve any goals and the end of the war put us right back at square one. Therefore the war should never have been started or fought and James Madison should have taken the alternative route.