After hearing the title of the story, I thought it is just the same old boring novel. But as soon as I read the story, I must say I came to like it. The story is very simple and short. You do not have to overanalyze the story to understand its significance— lessons.
The book has three parts— the gathering, story and discussion. It started as if it is real. Someone is telling a story to his friends and after they discuss about it. Basically, the story is about the two mice, two little people and the cheese. These four living being, namely Hem, Haw, Sniff and Scurry, were in a maze and looking for their cheese. The little people and mice differ because of their characteristics. Little people have their human skills and wisdom, while mice have their speed and sharp smelling capabilities. So all day long, they tried to go around and hunt for their cheese. They go over the maze not knowing what awaits there just to find that cheese. They pass through trials and thought of giving up because of hardships, but because they persevere they found that cheese they are looking for. They were so happy and so everyday they went there to eat. Later on, they build a house near the cheese. Because the little people were overwhelmed, they never thought that one day that cheese will soon disappear. After what happened, the two mice hurriedly find a new cheese because they have foreseen what is going to happen, while the little people cannot accept the change tend to wait, if there is still a possibility that their cheese will come back. The two little, who were in denial, were stucked in the same place for more days. But one of them, Haw, tried to try again the maze and bet to find a new cheese. Along his journey, he realizes different things and with every insight he decided to put in a wall to serve as a mark and to be a cue to Hem, if ever he would follow. Luckily, Haw made it and found his new cheese.
The story might be very simple but I think there so much in it. I think most...