Change, "I Want Change" by Banksy

Change Speech 2011

Good morning class. The first related text I would lake to discuss is the graffiti painting by Banksy called “I Want Change.” This image explores and suggests a number of different concepts of change. Including, some people want to change the world, and change can be for the better, worse or can be neutral, in this case the change is for the better.

Banksy uses a number of techniques to convey these concepts. One important technique he uses to illustrate these concepts is the use of text. In the image Banksy has a begger holding up a sign saying, “keep your coins, I want change.” The effect of this technique is to emphasize the overall message and concepts of the image, it also captures the audience and makes them stop and think about the meaning behind the words.

Another technique Banksy uses to support these ideas is the use of a pun. An example of this is also fount in the text, “keep your coins, I want change,” as coins and change are synonyms. The effect of this technique is that it brings humour to the serious meaning of the image and therefore adding to the audience engagement as well as appealing to a wider range of people.

And finally the last technique that Banksy uses to portray the concepts of change (some people want to change the world and change can be for the better) is contrasting colours. As you can see the begger is black and white and everything around him is red. The effect this has on the image is making the begger stand out from the flat uni-coloured background, as he is the only one who wants a change in the world and is trying to make a difference. The colours also help catch the eye of the audience.