Change Short Story (May Not Be Appropriate for School)

Once done it's done - change is forever 1/09/2010

The innocent teenage girl observed her surroundings from the stool upon which she sat. Luckily, her plump behind provided cushioning against the hard restaurant chair. She observed her father who was in obvious pain, fighting for a more comfortable position on his stool. Unlike his little angel, he did not have the luxury of a few extra layers of fat to provide the illusion of a softer seat. He let out a gasp, barely audible. He must have pinched a nerve. He smiled in vain attempting to hide the pain and discomfort as the pretty ladies with their feminine dresses walked by. Everybody inside the restaurant was cheerful, chatting and giggling. A joyous young couple rushed by towards the door. She assumed they were running late for a movie and hoped that they would arrive on time.

The girl drummed her fingers against the table, impatient and hungry. Her father had promised her that the food would arrive soon. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a young lady begin to stand up from the floor next to her table.
"What were you doing down there, Miss?" the young girl inquired.
"Just um... dropped my wallet, sweetie." Was the sweet lady's reply.

A dark shadow suddenly loomed over the chubby girl. She shifted her gaze for a better view of the figure standing before her. There stood a grotesque man. She jumped instinctively on account of self preservation at the monstrosity of this man, dropping her fork in the process. A scar ran down the length of his right cheek. An oozing stench emanated from his stained clothing. She wrinkled her nose and averted her eyes as the beast shook her fathers hand.

The girl quickly bent down to pick her fork up from underneath the table, where she came across the most disturbing sight she had ever seen. A sight which would change her perspective on everything. Her fathers fly was undone and his penis was partially visible. She shut her eyes, grabbed her fork and came back...