Change Management

Some recommendations that would improve large and small firms would be to utilize the technology in ways such as production, sales, deliveries, advertisements, and administration. Companies that are advancing with the technologies would be able to advertise through multiple networking sources like Twitter, Facebook, and even coupon websites. Competing with other businesses, whether small or large, can be a rigorous task, so companies would have to stay on top with all the updates. Companies are now asking for the potential employees to have a higher level of skills; also they are offering training programs that help advance their present employees. Technology is allowing companies to operate equipment while they travel, from home, and even their phones.
Along with all the plus sides to keeping up with the technology there are some downfalls. Some downfalls would be that companies may not be able to hire as many minorities, as well as the young adults that are just coming out of school. So many companies are now requiring having some sort of degree to be employed within their companies. There are people who may not be given the opportunity to further their education, but on the plus side some firms, large and small, are offering to help further advance employees education.
An example of reactive change would be The YMCA. YMCA is now able to allow members to go to not just on location, but multiple locations. As a member they now have computerized all the members’ information throughout central Ohio. So it’s members are now able to visit locations outside of their towns. An example of proactive change would the The Clothing Center. It now has a facebook page to inform the
Change Management 3

customers of the different events that is free for its local citizens. It also update the people to let them know if the hours of operation, or when specific programs, such as the garden program was beginning.