Change in Healthcare and the Revolution

The industrial revolution was a time of social, economical and technological changes.   The industrial revolution began in Britain in the late 18th and early 19th century and spread to other nations.   It was a period in time that went from an economy based society on manual labor to an economy based on complex machinery.   Areas that were once rural now were large industrial cities consisting of factories.   This caused many people to move into these cities looking for employment.   Family needs were no longer based on production but rather on consumption.
    As the Industrial Revolution developed, the health and welfare of the workers deteriorated.   As people flocked to the urban areas for employment and a better life, it caused overpopulation along with unsanitary and public health issues.   There was a widespread of diseases such as Tuberculosis and Cholera killing thousands of people.   In the beginning of the 19th century, humanitarians and philanthropists in England worked hard to educate the population and the government on the problems they were facing due to poverty, population growth and epidemics that were spreading quickly.   The Government had to get involved to maintain the health of the population.  
    In 1834 The Poor Law Commission was created.   People were sent out to survey the areas in need of help and report back problems of community health, ways to fix the problems and the cost of such remedies.   Through these surveys, in 1838 these surveyors reported that the cost to prevent diseases were far less than dealing with the diseases themselves.   Sanitary surveys proved there was a correlation between contaminated water and the victims of these diseases.        
      As concerns grew about the health crisis, reformers slowly began to make changes in public housing areas and within the factories and work environment.   As a result the Public Health Act of 1848 was placed into effect and a General Board of Health was established.   The government...