Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The definition of equality, diversity and inclusion are as follows:
Equality is to treat everyone as individuals, whatever their disability, age, gender, religion, belief, culture and sexual orientation. Everyone is to be open to all opportunities and to be treated fairly and respectfully. Have rights and equal status in society and for everyone to reach their full potential.
Diversity is to understand that we are all unique and yet similar. We all have different needs, interests, learning styles, language, personality and appearance.
Inclusion is to incorporate all the above in our environment to participate in play and learning, to promote positive outcomes and the opportunity to grow and develop, to feel valued and empowered to succeed.
Within the nursery, I take on the responsibility of room leader and deputy manager. I come into contact with parents, children, staff, visitors and other professionals on a daily basis. It is my responsibility when in contact with adults and children that they feel they are treated respectfully and fairly. There are legislations, policies and codes of practice which endeavour to promote and protect equality, diversity and inclusion. All my work colleagues are aware of:
  * Equal opportunities and discrimination policy.
  * Sex discrimination act 2010.
  * Race discrimination act 2010.
  * Disabled person employment and re-habitation act 2012.
  * Disability discrimination act 2010.
  * Special education needs and disability act 2001.
  * Employment equality (religion and belief) regulations 2003.
  * Employment equality (sexual orientation) regulations 2000
  * Employment equality (age) regulations 2006.
Children are not born prejudice, it is learnt from adults. It is important that all nursery staff do not allow children in their care to pick up on any prejudice that they may have.
In my role as deputy manager and room leader, I have to ensure that all my...