Challenges of a Paper

Challenges of a Paper
Not writing anything in numerous years, the last memory about writing something was back in High School when required to write book reports. Therefore, the challenges that will face me are spelling and grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. The ability to use a variety of words is not something common. Using adjective, adverbs, nouns, and pronouns is not an everyday occurrence.   When writing for work it is usually a quick e-mail stating the facts.   Anyone that is reading an e-mail in work what’s it short and quick.
Never developing a research paper will be another challenge. Only taking business classes in high school a research paper was not required. English was more reading and writing book reports on books that were assigned reading.   Also diagramming sentence and determining where the adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns were place in a sentence.   Knowing about purpose, audience, tone, and content was not taught so everything now is new. I am sure that this will come as I continue to write and strengthen these skills.
Another challenge will be not to use passive voice or first person. This one thing confuses me because most of the assignments written are asking for our personal experiences. When I first started here at Phoenix, the instructors stated that spelling and grammar, punctuation were opportunities.

Ways to overcome Challenges

The best way to overcome the above mention challenges is to use all resources available thru University of Phoenix. These would be the Center for Writing Excellence for the spelling and grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. By writing my paper, using Microsoft word first and summiting it for review using WritePoint and the plagiarism checker will help correct issue before summiting the assignment.
Helping with the next challenge faced is to follow the guidelines given to us by the...