Chaina's Political Advantage

In the past few decades, the concept of politics was important matter for countries. They insist their policy and slander each other’s policy. If that slander gets more deeply involved, it was extended as a war. For example, Second World War also occurred in that phenomenon. China and United States are representative competitive partner as a social-democratic versus neo-liberalism. Usually, many people thought United States is more convenient place to start business. However, nowadays, those kinds thoughts are gradually disappear. China became powerful country as much as United States. People can find out some evidence from concept of politic, policy of government, culture, and lots of expert’s opinion which talk about China’s future.
United States adopted Neo-liberalism as a politics after 1970s. According to, (definition of neoliberalism, 2011) the definition of neo-liberalism is a modern political economic theory which provides free trade, minimum government in business, reduced public expense on social service, and so on. The reason why this theory appears is the failure of Keynes theory. Keynes theory provides the basic theory of financial politics to lots of countries which experience global panic. Advanced countries such as US and UK adopted modified capitalism which phase in Keynes theory. The purpose of modified capitalism is make welfare state by income averaging and full employment from government’s active intervention. However, after 1970s, when the global depression came, people suggest neo-liberalism. It looks generous for business, but, problems are existing. Depression, unemployment, increases of gap of the poor and the richer. Problems are getting serious.
Besides, China adopted social-democratic as a politics. (definition of social democratic, 2011) defined it as the beliefs, principles, or program of a social democratic party which advocating a form of organization based on the political ideology of Karl Marx and...