Compare & contrast Plate 1:3:20 (   large pine) 1887   with Plate 1:3:22.(   Les Lauves) 1904-6

  1. Introduction

Cezanne was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1838 he died 1906. His works are now

seen as masterpieces and command huge sums of money.

Comparisons of the two oils on canvas are easy to see. Both show the

mountains from the hills where he painted landscapes.

His paintings are said to display ‘classical purity’ and a timeless quality. The

lighter tones in the Large Pine around sky and mountain may be an influence

from his friend Pissaro. It has a loose and uplifting feel to the viewer. It shows

shading, light from the side of he picture possibly painted in early evening.

This was painted in 1887 when he was 49 years old. The picture has a

brighter younger feel.

By contrast Les Lauves ( open land near his home) has a darker , tighter image

and a more contained look to the viewer. This was painted around 1906 just

before his early death at the age of 68 the picture has an older feel.

The large pine has more constructed look , an open wider image with less

textural feel than Les Lauves. There could be a storm brewing   and the wind is

getting stronger , rain is on the way.

By contrast Les Lauves has a much darker look as though the storm has arrived

we are in the middle of it , there is a much more textural feel and more block

painting than the picture produced 15 years earlier.   The picture suggests there

might be a black mood in the artist   ,   whereas the Large Pine has a calmer feel


Both pictures show a regular feature ,   a shaped look as seen

in the mountain.   He was known for prominent outlined forms as seen in his

trees and branches.The Impressionists were known for short brushstrokes and

shimmering colours , but Cezanne had a different defined look.

The term ‘ modelling’   assuming a direction of fall of light ,   is easy to see in the

Large Pine , less obvious in Les Lauves .The term ‘picture...