Cet Unit 301 Task a

Core Unit 301;
Understanding the roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training.

Information sheet for the role of counselling   teacher

You are required to undertake the activities in relation to the stages of the teaching cycle;
  * Initial assessment
  * Preparation and planning
  * Delivery
  * Assessment
  * Evaluation

Identify needs
It is important that you identify the needs of your learners, the needs of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS) and of the Counselling & Psychotherapy Awarding Body (CPCAB), without forgetting your own personal needs.
Responsibilities include interviewing applicants for the course and assessing their suitability for counselling training.  
Assessing learner needs is an ongoing requirement and you have a responsibility throughout the teaching cycle to monitor your practice and ensure their needs are met.

Plan and design  
Together with your co-tutor the course must be designed to meet the needs, outlined above, around a scheme of work; ensuring sessions are well planned, structured and follow on from each other. Completed lesson plans should outline clear aims and objectives and how these will be assessed.
The scheme of work is not set in stone but you have a responsibility to take into account CPCAB qualification specifications to ensure students meet the required assessment criteria.

It is your role to create a positive learning environment in which your students are engaged with the content and motivated to learn.
You must ensure you have sufficient current knowledge to deliver the course content and answer any student questions.
It is your responsibility to promote inclusion; utilise a range of teaching methods and resources demonstrating an awareness of differentiation.
Teaching practice involves presentations, workshops, small and large group discussions, tutorials, observation of skills practice and facilitation of ‘group space’.