Celtic Archety

Archetypes of Celtic Myths
  * Lugh is the sun god who was strikingly handsome, a golden-haired lover of music, the arts, and women, as well as a skilled warrior
  * Master of all his crafts
  * With the help of Lugh, the Tuatha de Danaan tended off the Fomors led by the Lugh’s Grandsire Balor the One-eyed (his eye was a weapon that could send deadly force to whom it wished)
  * In the final battle, Tuatha de Danaan became victorious due to Lugh’s mastery and skill
Villain-Balor the One-Eyed & Fomors
  * Even though Lugh was truly of Tuatha de Danaan, his mother’s father was the leader of the Fomors
  * Fomors are the bad guys in this myth who try to invade Tara (Tuatha de Danaan’s homeland)
  * Hero defeats villain
Battle between Good & Evil
  * Many battles took place between the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fomors (good and evil)
  * As this archetype plays out, good always defeats evil

The Magic Weapon
  * The Sun God Lugh, had an enchanted spear that had a lust for blood, also a sling which he was very deadly with, humans called it as the Milky Way “Lugh’s Sling
  * In the final battle, he defeated Balor the One-Eyed by using the magical stone tathlum, flung from his well-aimed sling
  * The magical weapon inevitably helped defeat the villain
Symbols and Association
  * The Tuatha de Danaan represent the light in this story because that are the good side showing the intellectual illumination archetype
  * Fomors represent darkness because of ignorance shown by their leader in the way that they want to invade everyone and destroy everything in its path
  * Lugh represent archetype of light because e is perfect and the ideal figure
Supernatural Intervention
  * The magical stone called tathlum played a big part in the story by assisting Lugh beat Balor the One-Eyes
  * This archetype associated the story in a big way

Cuchulain of Ulster