Language related tasks
Target Language: It doesn`t fit me. vs It doesn`t really suit you.
Level: Pre-intermediate (A2)
1. Context                 First a teacher puts on a big, beautiful coat and says the first sentence. Then a teacher puts on an ugly coat and a pupil says the second sentence.
2. Characteristics
i) Meaning:
It doesn`t fit me – this sentence implies the fact that a piece of clothing is not the right size for the person`s body
It doesn`t really suit you – this sentence expresses the opinion that a piece of clothing doesn`t look attractive on a person
ii) Form:
It doesn`t fit me
3rd person singular pronoun + auxiliary verb in Present Simple (3rd person singular) + not + bare infinitive +object pronoun
It doesn`t really suit me
3rd person singular personal pronoun + auxiliary verb in Present Simple (3rd person singular) + not + adverb + bare infinitive +object pronoun
iii) Pronunciation: It doesn`t fit me. /i ˈdəzən fɪtmi/
It doesn`t really suit me. / ɪˈdəzən ˈrɪəli suːtmi/
In both sentences, elision takes place between “it” and “doesn`t”. In both sentences main stress is on the auxiliary and main verbs.
3. Concept checking questions
Teacher                                                                                             Students
What did I put on?                                                                           a coat
Is it the right size?                                                                           (1st sentence) No
                                                                                                        (2nd sentence) Yes
Does it look attractive on me?                                                         (1st sentence) Yes
                                                                                                        (2nd sentence) No

Target Language: He stopped smoking. vs He stopped to smoke.
Level: Upper-intermediate (B2)
1. Context         Four pictures with...