Task 1: Approaches to learning and teaching.

Task 1: Approaches to learning and teaching.

1. Aims of lesson:

Present Perfect

2.a How much and why did the teacher talk?

The teacher interacted with the students a minimally, mostly it was done in the format of asking questions. The teacher talked in order to direct the class to his desired aim.

2.b Was the teacher’s language at the right level?

The teachers language was at the right level, it was evident from the fact that the students responded well to the teacher really well. They answered the questions posed by the teacher appropriately. The vocabulary of the class was good, so individual students were able to personalize the answers.

3. How much and why did the students talk to the teacher?

The students did the bulk of the talking and they were responding to questions that were asked by the teacher. They were having a conversation at many times, so it was beyond simply answering questions as they were forming long sentences. Also they were asking relevant questions that would enhance their understanding of the topic.

4. How much and why did the students talk to each other?

The students spoke amongst themselves; the greatest proportion of talking in that hour was this category. The teacher instructed the students to talk to one another as various tasks were given, such as analyzing pictures, sentences and constructing sentences in the desired tense. Towards the end of the first hour after the input, the teacher presented a game to the students. This forced all the students not only talk to their colleagues next to them but it facilitated the interaction of students with the whole class. They needed to get up as they were taking part in a role-play where they needed to speak to the whole class.

The teacher was also very clever to exercise the language skills of students; the teacher took the opportunity of the observers in the class and introduced my...