Celta Pretask



In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?

I will do it in a gruou, which will be multilingual, open, part-time. The learners have previous education, mixed abilities and mixed gender. The class is large and the lessons are on the evenings. The teahers have got an English-speaking background.

Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?

I still don't know. If I carry on with the private lessons it will be in one-to-one lessons or grups. The groups will be with monolingual groups (spanish speakers), closed (same school) part-time (2-3 hours per week), they will be learners with previous education with similar abilities and mixed, the groups will be small (2-3 students), in eveing classed.

If I start to work in any academy, probably the groups will be bigger, multilingual, open, part-time, with mixed abilities and mixed genders.


Think about why you decided to teach adults

I decided to tech adults as they are motivated. When an adult decides to study is not because he is obliged to do it, but because he has decided, so he is going to pay attention, to work, to be respectfull....

Think about what you, as an adult, bring to this learning situation.

As an adult I bring the same things that the learner brings, respect, interest in teach (as he provides interest in learn), empathy: I will understand the dificulties the learner can have as I am an adult as well (arrange student life with work or familiar life)

Look at your ansers to questions 1 and 2 and use these ideas to help you to write down what characterises adult learners.

Adult learners are more serious than young learners, as they have a clear target to study (which can be get a better job, get a powerfull tool to travel abroad, personal interest...) they will make the neccesary effort to make the time worth. They will probably have a job or a family.