Celta Pre-Course Tasks Key


Pre-Course Task
Answer Key

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Section 1 Learners and Teachers, and the Teaching and Learning Context
Task 2
Adult learners often bring:
• reasons for learning
• specific goals
• expectations
• successful and unsuccessful past learning experiences
• rich life experiences
• attitudes to learning, the culture and the language
• ideas about the role of the teacher and learner
• certain aptitudes
• developed literacy and thinking skills
• personal characteristics
• self-discipline
• values and beliefs
• an ability to reflect on their learning
• learning styles
• varying levels of confidence and self-esteem
• different levels of motivation
• anxieties
• status or ‘face’.

Task 3
1. You usually find out about:
• their job or studies
• their language learning experience up till now

how long


how often

• what language learning activities they are used to doing
• the level of books they used or the level of the class they studied in, if any
• how much they enjoyed learning English
• the reasons they are learning English
• any specific goals

• particular language or skills that they need (See Unit 3 on Skills)
• the length of time they are going to stay in the school/college
• what they expect of their course
• what makes them comfortable when learning
• their interests and hobbies.
2. You can find out about learners by:

looking at any interview notes made during placement tests, if they were interviewed

having personal interviews in the first few days

giving the learners a questionnaire

asking the learners to interview each other and then write up the information on a poster

asking the learners to write about themselves in a letter of introduction to you or a brief autobiography

talking to their previous teachers if they are just moving into your class...