Celta Pre Course Task

CELTA pre-course task.

Section 1 A
Task 1

1. In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?
The classes I will be teaching/observing on the course will be multilingual groups of the same ability either elementary (CEFR A1+) or intermediate (CEFR B1) level. The classes are for part time learners. The minimum age of the students will be 16 years and is likely to be a mixture of ages.

2. Do you know what context you will be teaching after the course?
I do not know at the moment what context I will teach in after the course is finished. I will probably do some voluntary work to start with before I look for any paid employment. I think my preference would be for adult learners rather than children. Eventually I will be moving with my family to Munich and am hoping to teach privately in my home and part time in a language academy.

Task 2
1. Think about why you decided to teach adults.
I would prefer to teach adults as I feel that they will be more motivated to learn because they have chosen to be there. That in turn would motivate me and give me job satisfaction which I feel is lacking in schools, having looked into becoming a school teacher. I also feel that I would prefer the adult education environment as it is unlikely that I would have to deal with discipline issues that are common when teaching children.

2. Think about what you as an adult bring to this learning situation.
I feel that I bring a lot of valuable experience to the learning situation. I work in a front line management position for a local authority and am used to dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds, of different ages and abilities. I have to deal with many difficult people which I think will help me- if you can tackle abusive drunks you can tackle anyone! I enjoy meeting people and helping them and I think this is a necessary skill for a teacher.

3. Look at your answers to questions 1 and 2 and use these ideas to help you write down what...