Celta Pre Course Task


  1. I am hoping to do this course as part of a multi lingual mixed gender group. I have already learnt that this is a full time course. I would also be tutored by teachers with both English and non-English-speaking backgrounds so I am eager to learn a lot from them.
  2. After this course I will probably be teaching a closed multilingual mixed gender group. If I join an academy, I will be teaching larger batches of such groups and provide them with a crash course of language skills and its awareness.
Task 2
  1. Adult learners are disciplined and organized. They have their own goals and expectations when they come to learn and often do so out of their own self-interest. They are respectful and bring their own experiences into learning. I also believe adult learners understand any feedback given to them and ensure they reflect the same on their learning.
  2. As an adult, I will be able to bring the same concepts that my trainees would bring to the course being adult learners themselves. I will be highly motivated and share my experiences of learning with the group. I will also be able to connect with them on a same level and understand their difficulties in learning and help them accordingly.
  3. As mentioned in answer 1, I believe adult learners are serious in learning than young learners. Their attitude, literacy and thinking skills are also different. They bring self-discipline and their own values and beliefs into learning.