Celta Language Task


This assignment focuses on your ability to identify the significant features of the form, phonology, meaning and use of language items and the use of relevant information from reference materials.

Analyse the following language items:

NB Target language is underlined; where the examples are paired, you will need to contrast them.

1. I was going to phone you yesterday, but I forgot.

2. She must have gone home by now.

3. Open the window, will you?
I wonder if you’d mind opening the window.

4. She’s phoned 3 times today.
She phoned 3 times today.

5. A stranger
A foreigner

Include the following in your analysis:

1. Generative context
2. Meaning
3. Form
4. Phonemic transcription, an indication of stress and comments on pronunciation
5. Concept checking questions (with answers), and, where appropriate, time lines, diagrams, pictures, etc

This assignment should be written / word-processed on the table provided. An electronic version is available from ISE Reception, on request. The assignment should be error free and 750 – 1,000 words in length. It must be submitted complete with marking grid(s).

Please see the next page for an example.

CELTA Language related assignment.   Example

She shouldn’t have walked home alone

1. Generative Context A woman student in Brighton walked home by herself late at night and was mugged.   She was carrying a lot of cash, didn’t tell her friends she was leaving the club and walked down some dark steps.   The next day I criticised her actions.
2. Meaning

We use this form to express a critical attitude towards the past actions of someone else. (Advice after the event – Rosemary Aitken – Teaching Tenses – p. 138)
3. Form

(subject) + should (+ not)   + have   + past participle
4. Phonemic transcription, including marking the main stressed syllables

(Longman dictionary of contemporary English)
Particular attention needs...