Celta Focus on the Learner

Assignment 2: Focus on the learner

Personal background

For this assignment I chose to assess a young Spanish learner named Carolina because she’s a regular attendee of the intermediate class. Carolina has lived in the UK for almost 2 years but in London for only 6 months. She previously lived in Ipswich where she worked as a factory engineer. According to Carolina, London has more opportunities to offer which is why she prefers living her.   At the moment she lives with her partner and sister. The rest of her family live in Spain

Previous learning experience

Carolina has been studying English since secondary school. She also received English lessons privately 2 hours per week.   The learning approach in school was mainly written workbook exercises with little or no discussions. Thus, leaving no room for interaction or speaking.
She thinks that speaking and listening helps her learn the English language rather than copying text book materials.
She mentioned that the English classes at Shane Global allow her to use her speaking skills. For instance, when discussing in pairs and giving feedback to the teacher.

Motivation, attitude to learning and the language

Her main aim for studying English is to aid her in finding a job. She plans to continue the course for a further 4 weeks then begin searching for work. Another reason she’s learning English is because she recently started an accounting course which is in English. Carolina has an “Extrinsic motivation” which “is cause by any number of outside factors, for example, the need to pass an exam, the hope of financial reward, or the possibility of future travel.”[2]
Her main difficulty with vocabulary is phrasal verbs. She also feels she needs to work on her speaking skills in order to speak fluently.

Learner Style

From my observation, I could notice Carolina’s skills. She is very keen and is always attentive and in general focused in class. Although Carolina wants to improve her overall...