Celta Focus on a Learner


The learner I decided to focus on for this assignment is Lydia. Lydia is from China and her first language is Mandarin. She first learnt English in school back in China when she was a young girl. She talked about how, when she was younger it was mandatory to learn English in school but now it is not. I also found out in the interview with Lydia that she taught English when she lived in Singapore. I was very impressed when she told me this.

I believe Lydia’s learning style is a mixture of Visual and Auditory, I have been taking notes of how she best understands concepts and words in lessons and she likes to have words written down to understand them.

Lydia is quite a high level learner, certainly one of the strongest in our Pre-Intermediate group. She is currently improving her English in order to make more friends and improve her life in Brighton. She has expressed an interest in travelling and believes being able to speak good English is important because it is a language spoken in many countries.

Learners Needs

Having interviewed Lydia and studied her in class I have an understanding of her main strengths and weaknesses as well as her learning style.

Lydia is an extrovert and will always openly question something if she doesn’t understand it. When she does know an answer she will happily get involved and share t with the rest of the class.

Lydia falls into the main trappings of a lot of Chinese students learning English. I will detail some of the mistakes she made, both written and spoken and the exercise I would suggest to correct these mistakes.



During the interview she said “I want to travel (pronounced /traival/) to another country”. There is no /æ/ in the Chinese language so the sound can often be confused when speaking.


Lots of drilling of the correct pronunciation, I would also write the word phonemically so Lydia can see the phonetics. I may show her words with the /ai/...