Celta Assignment 3

Marayam Attallah is a 23 year old student currently studying at Hammersmith College.   She came from Iraq however originates from Syria.   She is able to speak Arabic and Syrian which is the local dialect of Arabic. Whilst at home she speaks Syrian with family members and she can converse with most Arabic speaking persons from all over the world.
She has problems understanding Arabic from Tunisia and Morocco, simply because there is a great deal of French influence and this has been incorporated into the Arabic language.

Marayam and her family migrated to Iraq when she was very young. She started Kindergarten school and only studied for three years. Her ability to read speak, and write her native language has been a combination of being self taught and some coaching by her family. Marayam was married at a young age and migrated to the UK when 16 years of age. She and her husband have been in the UK for eight years.

When arrived in the UK, she began attending English classes at various establishments. Her motivation has been to be able to converse in the English language so that she can perform simple tasks such as buying goods from shops. Her desire and motivation is but she needs to be able to speak and write fluent English. Her motivation also comes from her husband who encourages her to learn English.

Marayam states that she prefers it when teachers talk about a topic followed by an activity. The activities need to be very elementary as grammar is not her strongest point. She benefits most from learning vocabulary. Marayan likes the class to be “drilled “ by the teacher. She also likes a great deal of repeation as she says it helps her with   pronunciation.

Marayams pronunciation is a problem and also the recognition of Basic English sentence form.This is due to her native language and the fact that there are a number of letters that she is unable to pronounce. Despite being in the UK for eight years she has not mastered the English alphabet. Having...