Celta Assignment 3 Self-Evaluation

Lessons From The Classroom


  1. Manner and rapport.   I have a professional and easy manner in the classroom.   The students are able to relax and learn in a friendly, open and joyful environment.   Having fun, and making my lessons fun is as important to me as the lesson content.

  2. Materials   - design and presentation.   I like to create my own teaching materials.   This helps me have a more thorough understanding of the lesson I’m about to teach.   I do like to get things right.   It also means more up to date photographs in the lesson which, overall, makes the lessons more relevant to the students own lives.

  3. Thorough preparation.     I have always been well organised and efficient.   I enjoy getting the timings right in my lessons and achieving everything that I had planned to.   I have always liked to be on top of things.   This should help me become a very well organised and affective teacher.   Immediately before my lessons I am thoroughly prepared, in plenty of time, and can begin teaching in a calm and relaxed manner.  

  4. Good self-evaluation and good response to feedback.   I’m here to learn, and I am enjoying doing just that.   I am very self-aware and receiving honest and supportive feedback is always helpful.   It can be disappointing when you think you have delivered an S+ lesson to find that, actually, you didn’t.   But then you read the feedback and you can’t argue with it.   I can see the problem areas, then I can work on them.   It’s great to be able to get the teaching practises in during this course.   You constantly get the opportunity to try again.  

Development Needs

  1. Language analysis.   My weakest area, but a job with the right school, with the right support and I will soon have it.   The more I teach – the more I learn.   I am, at last, becoming fascinated with the language I have been speaking for more than fifty years.   I love that I am now beginning to understand how it works.   I have the willingness to...