Celluclear Wireless

Week 3:   CelluClear Wireless Expands Overseas Paper

University of Phoenix
ECO/GM561 International Economic
Prof. John Bayer
April 5, 2010

CelluClear Wireless Expands Overseas
In today’s world telecommunication has become essential to anybody. The ability to use a telephone on the go has been very popular. By having a cellular phone one can stay in touch with others. Cellular phones come in every shape and size, in this paper I will discuss an issue that CelluClear Wireless is confronting and how to keep in production the company’s two main models and at the same time make use of the factory at full production capacity.
“CelluClear Wirelles Corporation is a manufacturer of mobile phones, (UOP Materials, 2009). The company produces two types of cell phones for the market; these are the Alpha and Beta model. Kendra, the developer specialist has an important order for a company called Big Box, which is ordering 100,000 cellular phones. Big Box needs to promote telephone service similar to the Alpha model and is not willing to pay more than $15 per cell phone, (University of Phoenix, 2008).

Issues and Concerns

CelluClear Wireless can develop new strategies to introduce a new product to better compete with other cell phone companies. The main issue the company confronts is to improve the company's services to keep the company competitive and capable of keeping employees happy and the relationship of the union movement in a positive direction.
  CelluClear Wireless has experienced recently a decline in stock prices over the past three years because of the inability of the company to compete with television and telephone companies offering better packages. To keep the company competitive some employee issues such as low moral of strained relations with the union, and lack of expertise need to be solved. Dealing with technology Workers Union can help improve employee morale. The company will need to create strategic alliances with suppliers of satellites...