Cell Phone Innovation

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Cell Phone Evolution

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Cell phone Evolution
Latest innovation and design are the desires of any manufacturing company so that it can meet the growing demands of the consumer world. Innovation is the invention or translation of ideas into a service that creates good value for the consumers. Marketing design refers to a set of cooperate goals aimed at consummating and facilitating product exchange. Some of the fields that need to embrace design and innovation include the electronics field and vehicle industry. Being a generation Y with an aim of staying connected, I will the evolution of the cell phone up to the latest models and the 7Ps marketing mix strategy. The 7Ps are product, price, promotion, place people, process and physical evidence.
Cell phone is a product that has undergone several evolution stages. A cell phone is a portable electronic device that is used for communication purposes. The cell phone user carries it everywhere as long as the area has mobile coverage. HASEMAN & HIGHTOWER (2013) stated that the evolution of the mobile phone is big in terms of technology and usage. Cell phones have made the vast field of communication come into our hand. There are several firms producing cell phones. Some of the common producers are Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Huawei.
The very first cell phone was invented in the year 1973; the idea of cellular networks was introduced long time ago in the 1940s. Telephone invention had been a dream of humans for a very long time. The technology of the mobile phone in the early 1940s where the police cabs and the police vehicles had two-way radios that allowed the two-way communication. The telephone technology has been overtaken by the invention of the mobile. The cell phone is used for many functions including, calling, browsing, SMS, taking photos, etc.
In the earlier stages, mobile phones were very huge, and they couldn’t be...