Once people become famous or poplar, then they live in the spotlight, being considered as “ celebrity”. Celebrity also means fame. This assay centers on the former, not the latter.
  Regular people seem unable to ignore celebrities because they’re constantly exposed to print media, TV and the Internet. Through these channels, people start recognizing and idolizing celebrities. These are the so-called fans. Some fans are mad about their idols and chase them wherever they go. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to judge if this behavior should be encouraged or not. If celebrities are aware that their behavior influences others or is imitated by people, they should pay more careful attention to how they behave. Take Jeng-Ming Wang for an example. He joined MLB in America a few years ago and now is a man who needs no introduction. His fans are firmly convinced that he is a man who practices hard, plays hard, and keeps a low profile. In addition, he seems shy and doesn’t talk much. According to some reports, Wang, who is imbued with compassion, donates part of his salary to charities to help those who are in need in Taiwan. Despite his metamorphosis from nobody into somebody, he hasn’t changed the way he was. His good deeds affect people and encourage them to do likewise. Wang not only plays baseball well, but also donates to charity. He is hard working, humble and compassionate.
  Being a celebrity, without affectation, Wang communicates a positive and sincere image to people. Moreover, he’s indeed a role model who sets a good example to every generation.
People here in Taiwan are very proud of him and keep saying like this: J.M. Wang is the glory of Taiwan (台灣之光). Precisely!